Friday 6 September 2013

Water painting

Ok so that is a total surprise as it is just my kids creativity. I would probably never think of such an easy, fun and clean way to paint!:) We did it once with my daughter when she was about 20 months old on a playgroup but I don't think she could remember. Neither did I!

All you need is a paint brush, water and a surface. In our case it was a wall but kids took it to the next level later and took a broom, dipped it in a pool and where painting sidewalk! Having said that sky is the limit and you can paint with different things like feathers, leaves or your shoes for example. It will be more like stamps than painting but sill fun and also encourages kids physical activity as they run and jump to leave marks with their shoes.

We had tons of fun and it occupied them for more than an hour which is fantastic! It was really sunny and hot day so the wall was dry in minutes just waiting to get some more water paining! Great experiment trying to explain to your kids why water and their "picture" disappears:)

How can an activity be much simpler? They both acted like an artist and were super proud of their work.
Happy kids = great activity!

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