Yellow Submarine fun!

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There are limited numbers of quality soft play areas in Bahrain so when we've heard that there is a new one coming up and just opened we rushed to be the first ones to test it. And it was love at first sight!

It is a fact well know to all the mums out there that soft play areas are a wonderful entertainment option for families. This is where we meet other mums and their tots so we can exchange our experiences while kids are playing with their friends in a safe environment. What I personally like the best is that they can make as much noise as they want to and they won't hurt themselves:)

I would like to share with you all our experience with Yellow Submarine and I will try to be detailed as with so many nationalities in Bahrain everyone's priority is a different thing.

Yellow Submarine opened up in Sar Mall and is offering 360m2 of play area centre's and is well equipped for babies and up to approximately 13 years of age. It is all one big giant three-level play frame including slides, ball pools, ball canons, a climbing wall and a separate area for little kids under 4 years old.

However one of the best parts of Yellow Submarine and something that really makes this place different than any other soft play area available in Bahrain is Imagination Playground. It is a big pile of giant foam building blocks with which kids can build a whole new world every day.
 After you and your kids (older kids can do it all by themselves of course) spend some time building it may look like this:
These imagination blocks are perfect for self-expression through imaginative play, enabling children to build whatever they dream of!
On top of that Yellow Submarine just launched their 150m2 bright and colourful party room with customisable lighting. It is without a doubt one of the biggest party rooms in the Kingdom and ideal for kids Bday parties, events, classes and activities. Their prices are very reasonable with options starting with 179BD for a minimum of 15 kids plus a Bday child for parties organized between Sunday and Wednesday.
There is also a new activity for mums and Tots on Sunday and Wednesday morning which seems to be more of an organized play time with circle time and refreshments for mums! Yay!
I would say this is a must see place in Bahrain these days and either you go in the morning, afternoon, weekday or weekend your children will love it and you will become their regular! Remember to take your friends with you and ENJOY!

If you don't live in Bahrain and you don't have a similar place to take your kids to you can always choose home play. This is what we did before Yellow Submarine opened and I have to admit that maybe this is the main reason my kids enjoyed these huge blocks so much. We started using blocks since approximately 1 year old as before they would just throw them around the house and chew on them. But since my kids reached 12 months they could connect the blocks and build something. My kids are now 4 and almost 6 years old and we still using the same blocks! Here is a link to Mega Bloks First Builder which we got from Amazon and they are as new after 5 years of using them! These are kind of toys that stick around in our house! Great colors, big sizes which allow kids to build bigger structures to store other toys for example. My son is always building a huge garage and parks all his cars in there!:) I must admit this was a great buy and money well spent!

Now they are ready to move to bigger blocks at Yellow Submarine for example and it makes me so happy to see them interested in creating something out of nothing! 
Check out their FB page for more pics and details Yellow Submarine FB

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