Ridiculous cookies

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I call them ridiculous cookies as they are just too damn easy and yummy. My good friend Jill shared this recipe with me and I was really thinking - it must be joke! I was pretty sure it's one of those things that suppose to be super healthy but turn out to be completely uneatable:( well well I was wrong!

I was really skeptical about that recipe. Sounded like it's way too little ingredients and it will never bake properly. But since it's just 2 ingredients I decided to give it a go cause even if I had to throw all of it in the garbage I would not loose much. So here you go - grab a pen and write it ALL down;)))

- one mashed banana,
- half a cup of oats.

Oh yeah! That's it! You just mash a ripe banana with a fork and add oats. Mix it together with the same fork and form cookies. Recipe makes about 6 cookies. That is just brilliant as I can divide them equally between my two kids so no one has a reason to fight:) I used traditional rolled oats like this and baked it on a non stick silicon pan.

Baking takes 15min and preparing about 1.5min which means you can bake them for kids breakfast before they even get out of bed! Actually that was my idea since I am fighting every morning for the past 4 years with my daughter to eat breakfast. I thought this may be a good idea for something in her stomach before school. Obviously I can't do it every day as it gets boring but once a week is fine. They like it as its really sweet thanks to banana. You can try adding splash of organic honey or sprinkle some cinnamon. Anything really:)

I hope your kids will like it as much as mine did! And to be honest with you I also eat all the leftovers:)
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