Stuffed cabbage

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I feel that cabbage is forgotten vegetable and there are not many kids friendly recipes including it. It is super popular in Poland but somehow living outside home country for 7 years now we also tend to choose other veggies in the supermarket over cabbage. So after we came back from a Birthday Party today where kids had all the french fries, pizzas and sweet juices I decided to go traditional and make stuffed cabbage (which we call "golabki" in Poland:). It is fairy easy to prepare and my kids really like it. See how yours will react:)

  • 1 medium size white cabbage
  • 2 small onions
  • 1 cup of rice - I used basmanti
  • 300g of minced beef or chicken
  • some vegetable stock
  • tomato sauce either from the packet or made from the scratch (if you don't feel like sauce you can eat it with ketchup)
  • salt, pepper and any other spice that you would like to add which your family enjoys.
First you need a big pot of water to dip the whole cabbage (just remove the stump first) - placing hole after stump down. Then boil on a small heat for about 7-8 minutes. Remove and wait until it is no longer hot then carefully remove leave after leave and put it aside.
Boil the rice, let it cool in a bowl and mix it with uncooked meat and onions. Add all the spices.
Spoon the meat/rice mixture into each leave and fold it like a spring roll - from the back, then sides and roll it until the end.
Take an over proof dish and place some broken leaves on the bottom. Then put all "golabki" one by one tight and cover it with one or two broken or too small leaves as well. Pour some stock on it and bake for about 45min in medium heat oven until meat inside is cooked and cabbage is soft and tender.
Serve it with some mashed potato's, french fries or anything you enjoy.
Super easy and super yummy - just how my family likes! On top of that they freeze really good so if you have any leftovers just shove them in a plastic bag and then defrost in your microwave to have a 5 minute lunch for kiddos done!
Have fun!

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