Girls Tea Party

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Let's start with saying that I have never attended a Tea Party before but somehow I associated it with little girls sipping pretend tea and eating plastic cake. My daughter asked me now for a long time to invite her classmates over so I just thought that it would be a nice idea to have them together for some tea. We chose a date and stared working on a plan. We were building up our excitement every day and counting hours until girls get here. Maja chose 4 of her best friends as I thought this is a good number to have a small group that is manageable at home:)

We started with preparing some invitations. Yes, sure we could just invite kids via mums when we see each other in school but where would be all the fun? Plus I really wanted Maja to be involved in a process so she really feels this is something important and special. We've Pinterest some ideas for an invitation and we decided on this! Took us about 10 min to do this and it definitely made Maja proud of her work!

I really didn't want to try too hard as it was our first time to invite more than one child to our house and I also wasn't sure if they will eat or play more. It could go either way, right? I decided on a fruit/veggie platter, some small nibbles and I baked small lemon cheesecakes and crepes with Nutella. I thought I will have it covered with healthy with veggies and simple home baking. Topped it off with some pink juice (which turned out to be a concentrate that I didn't think I diluted enough so it was pretty sweet - whoopsss....bottom line - kids liked it!). Coffee/tea for mums and voila! All done.

Then I thought they might get bored and would need some direction during the play date. So I pull our glass drawing and I prepared a craft.

This is their gorgeous artwork on our coffee table! Those girls have some talent, right?

Since it was a Tea Party - when is the tea time? We made a clock out of a paper plate. It was a math project at the same time as they had to put those numbers into sequence:)

Great fun for everyone I hope and my daughter said about hundred times "I love you mummy" once everyone left. She was so happy her best friends visited her she was hugging everyone goodbye!
Thank you all those who participated in our afternoon for making my daughter day so special!
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