End of season girlzzz night out party!

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Best friends + pumpkin ravioli + mojito = Best Night Out!

There was no way to download all those pics onto FB so I decided to throw them all in here! That way we are going to be famous and I know some of us are secretly dreaming about it!:)

Our Sticky Fingers season 2013/2014 is officially closed and we will re-open on September. It was an amazing year and it is very special for a few reasons. First is that we managed to form an unbelievable group of mothers and kids this year. We are stronger than ever, supportive and simply we became best friends even apart from play dates. Secondly we run the highest number of events this year celebrating almost all the major holidays with parties, games, food and balloons. We had so many kids Bday parties I can't even start listing all! Third reason is pretty personal as it is the last year when my own kids attend Sticky Fingers:( Maja is already in school for 2 years and now also Maks will be joining full time Nursery from September. It is an end of an era for me....I started this playgroup to help them to adapt in school, make friends, learn English, become involved in activities and learn the routine. I must say we succeeded - they are both excellent in school and into their own schedules and occasionally joining SF when there is a school break makes Maja super happy! But this is all behind me - it will be just me in September with you and all your kids!:)

We had to have a girls night out to celebrate all those reasons and so many more. Many of us will not return to Sticky Fingers in September for various reasons - kids joining pre-schools or expats moving out of the island. This is unfortunately the most painful part of running a playgroup - to see all those brilliant kids learning their "first steps" literally or socially and then loosing them to school or another country...And the mums - all of you who gave me so much support this year, fun and laughter and you all left a mark in my heart. For this I am grateful to have FB, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp or whatever it is that helps us all to keep in touch!

So here it is - Masso Restaurant in Bahrain named the best Italian place on the island. It was truly elegant and fancy evening with the most gorgeous ladies! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Wishing you all the best and most adventurous summer and looking forward to see many of you back in September! xxx

Now look at those pics and laugh!!!! We've created some fabulous memories!

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