Just jump!

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So the weather this year in Poland is so amazing that we had to wait almost 6 weeks for real rain! Unbelievable! Its hot, its humid and the sun is way stronger here than in Bahrain...so we got burned already even with the sunscreen on! I know - how weird is that!?! Anyway we are enjoying it to the most and I don't have to worry about not having any "cold" clothes...:)

We are trying to utilize all the space and toys that we have and since we are not that much interested in going to the beach (the amount of tourists this year is way too much that I can handle:(. Sitting in the back yard in our own garden is really inspiring and all the tools that you may need to organize a play are definitely in the house. All you need to do is look closely and let kids guide you.

We had simple soft mats that we were using in the plastic garden house as a floor (to prevent kids from sitting on the wet grass in the morning). They pull them out today and decided to JUST JUMP on them! Easy, simple, fun and amazing game that we then took to the next level and decided to teach Maks some colours.
They both had fun for almost an hour trying to re-arrange them in different shapes or spread them far apart and still try to jump...I love watching them doing some physical activity and jumping seems to be their favourite so far. Especially Maja is jumping now from all sorts of things and as it may seem a bit scary at times I am trying not to limit her and just help her reach her physical potential.

Soon they were too tired and had to cool down while eating a huge watermelon!

Have fun!

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