Halloween ghost

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Our super easy toddler Halloween activity is ready for tomorrows playgroup! We had loads of fun making its face with a black marker and even more when we all tried (trust me it was a team effort!) to cut thin stripes from white material! I just helped them with stapler as we had to staple the paper together and the rest was all kids.
Pure joy to watch them chasing each other around the house making scary sounds like a ghost!
Easy, simple, brilliant and you can hang it around the house. Ours is hanging on a standing lamp which makes it great in the evening when that lamp is on! WOOOHOOOOO!

If the picture is not self explanatory I will just add that all you need for this activity is:
- white A4 size sheet of paper,
- black marker,
- stapler or glue or tape,
- white long strips of material or crepe,
- hole puncher,
- pipe cleaner or any other string that you use for hanging.

You would need to draw a scary face on the paper first, then roll it and staple it together. I used duct tape to glue strips of material inside the ghost. Last thing to do is to make small holes in each side and run pipe cleaner through it. Voila!

Let the Halloween begin!
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