Freezer freak

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It feels like I am spending all my life in a kitchen. All I do is plan, shop, read recipes to get inspired, chop, carry loads from car home, write shopping lists on various apps so I won't miss anything, etc. Its sometimes really overwhelming and makes me feel so tired and bored. I literally have no time left as as soon its all done family jumps and all I have left is dirty dishes to deal with. Urrhhhhh.....

So I am always on a look out for some options that will make it all faster and therefore my life easier. And its not about a kitchen equipment...cause more you have more you will end up cleaning. All I am using in my simple and cheap Phillips chopper to speed up cutting things up.

My friends were always telling me about freezing stuff and how great it is but somehow I could never force myself to eat unfrozen cooked meal. It just never tastes the same! So I continue to feel my pain and cook every single day for everyone when one of my friends tell me - I GOT IT WRONG! I was supposed to freeze FRESH items so they won't go bad in the fridge if I am lazy monkey and don't use it on time. I decided to start with chopped veggies for soup. I was so annoyed with parsnip and celery root going bad as they are extremely expensive here in Bahrain comparing to Poland. For example 1kg of parsnip here costs approximately 26zl in Poland, 8$ in USA, 6 Euro or 4.9 British Pound. I know this is ridiculous and I really couldn't afford to let that rot in my fridge.

Here is what I did and it works perfectly. I mixed many veggies in one plastic bag so once I open it up it is all ready to use in one go and makes up 1 pot of soup. I shredded carrots, parsnip, celery roots, red onion and I added some frozen already green beans and corn. Once I feel like cooking a soup all I have to do it cook chicken leg with some bay leave and then throw entire frozen bag to it, cook for few minutes and soup base is done! I can do it all now in the evening when kids go to sleep as before I was usually too tired to stay and chop.

It is amazing how the simplest ideas make your life easier and why didn't I do it before?!?!
Now I am also freeing banana muffins (friend recommendation) and they are also just fine afterwards. Also if you see your bananas almost black but you know you won't be able to eat them quick try mashing them with a fork and freeze in plastic container. That way you can use them anytime you want in the future to bake that lovely banana bread!

Basically now anything I see in my fridge that is just about to go bad I try freezing. It saves tons of money and time and those both things are top one priority for every mum.
Let's become FREEZER FREAKS together!!!
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