FREE Yummy Lunchbox cook book

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To all the school mothers out there struggling with lunch box creativity - here is the solution! One FREE cook book that has everything you need inside. All you need to do is a bit of preparation, freezer if you would like to make a bigger batch and you are good to go! No more embarrassing lunch boxes that you feel are the most dull, unhealthy and unappealing. Our kids will have a great day at school knowing there is something yummy, fresh and maybe new in their lunch bag!

I had a pleasure of submitting one of the recipes myself so please make sure to try this one out. It is really healthy option loaded with vitamins. Just give it a try and share your findings with us. I feel so important and "published"!:)

Mums in Bahrain is a local website for all parents, from both the expat and Bahraini communities.  They aim to be a hub of information and support, to help everyone get the most out of life in Bahrain, both parents and children. All cultures, beliefs and traditions are welcomed and respected. For new families in Bahrain, they can find out about key services such as health and education, discover the best places to shop and eat out, as well as how to meet other families in their area via child focused activities. For locals and longer term residents, they are encouraged to share knowledge and support. It is one stop shop for everyone in Bahrain and a brilliant idea for expats always on a look out for local info and activities.

They are preparing a cook book every 6 months I believe and just getting better and better at this. Lunchbox ideas was done for the second time based on popular demand. Looks like I am not the only one lost in a lunchbox drama!

To download FREE version of the cook book please click here.
You can also pick up a hard copy at our playgroup every Monday and Wednesday!

Have fun with it and wish you all the best in the new school year!
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