It's always very hard to write about yourself. Is it because we don't know ourselves enough or is it because it is always changing so fast? Don't know really. But if someone told me 5 years back that I will be a stay at home mum I would never believe it. My life took 180 degrees change since then but I have to admit I love my life now more than ever.

I am currently living in Bahrain but moving around every now and then so who knows where life will take us next. We lived in USA, Scotland, Poland and Dubai before and are carrying a piece of these places in our hearts. My kids were born in Dubai, they go to British school, living in the Middle East since they were born and visiting Poland during summer vacation. Can you get more international and confused? Haha haha - it's all for the best for them as they will truly be citizens of the world one day!

I love coffee, driving my car, evenings on the couch with a hubby and a good movie, thai food and Cosmopolitan drinks. I am way pass the clubbing phase but enjoy evenings in a nice restaurant with good friends. I believe in honesty, hard work and family values which makes me a bit traditional and outdated. I absolutely love to dance and goof around with my kids - it makes me feel young and free to unleash that inner child😀

I hope you will enjoy my blog - keep in touch, don't be shy to leave a comment and reach out if there is anything I could be helpful with. I will always keep an open mind to anything that I will find on my way!