Costume Party

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We all know kids (girls especially) are all about dressing up. We had Valentines coming so thought - why not have a sweet party at Sticky Fingers? And then I met the most wonderful ladies running a successful business - Costume Chest. That was something really needed in Bahrain as costumes are limited and most of us end up buying stuff either online or bringing them from our home countries. These two ladies responded quickly to the market and created fabulous costumes to... rent. 

Costume Chest is your one stop solution for costumes. Bringing endless imagination plays with lots of change be it for school play or book report, costume party or simply to indulge in your child current character obsession. 
It is purely home based rental and retail store located in Saar and in Juffair and run by two wonderful mums. Their costumes range from Princess theme to Southeast Asian traditional wear to Halloween. They are restocking every month, carefully purchasing from the UK and Canada. Beside costume rentals, their face masks, Superheros capes, personalized hand-sewn tutus and pettit skirts are also available for direct purchase. 

I thought their costumes rentals are very affordable with prices starting at 5bd for 3days. And a 10bd refundable security deposit. Individual items for purchase range from 1-15bd.
The best thing about Costume Chest is that they are super flexible and all you need to do it ask. If they don't have a particular costume they may stock it for you, make it for you (if you give them advance notice) and order. They are really creative with heads full of ideas that would never cross your mind!

For our Valentine Party they generously offered to provide all the costumes for kids to dress up and have fun! For a limited period only grab a flyer at our playgroup and enjoy fab discounts for costume rentals!
Visit their Facebook page for more details and updates

Just look at those Valentine Party pics and see for yourself - we had fun with Costume Chest!


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