Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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What's a better theme for a 1 year old Bday Party than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Its cute and adorable just like a little celebrant. This time Mikael was our Bday boy for his first time and we went above and beyond to ensure he has a special time as well as his entire family. Some of them traveled all the way from Dubai and we really wanted them to have a great time. And to impress them a bit of course!

Since I like to work on a budget we decided to go for hand made simple decoration instead of buying loads of things of the internet and putting them all in the garbage 3h later. Birthday party only lasts a while and its even easier to clean up after if you can easily throw everything away without a broken heart and empty pocket. I sat on Pinterest for an hour and had a ready plan and vision!

I used a local discount store with all the cheap Chinese products called Al Anwar Discount Center in Tubli and got my basics. Its pretty easy once you have a plan and you know what you are looking for. I always go with a list as I hate wasting my precious time.

Then on weekends and evenings I started painting, gluing and cutting things up. I set up a stage wall in my living room just like the one on the venue. That made it all very easy for me as later I just had to move everything over to the party hall. The party was at the restaurant of the Somerset Al Fateh Residences Bahrain in their Yoga room which is used for our playgroup. All we had to do it to decorate a wall behind a cake, prepare two tables for food display and the biggest part of our decor was huge Mickey family cut outs! I got them in advance from my supplier and kept them in storage as saying "huge" is not exaggeration! I had troubles fitting them in my car and I drive SUV so had to destroy one in order to fit the rest. Luckily hotel engineering department was able to glue things back together so they looked like brand new for the party! Uffff.....:)

We had plenty of ready snacks which we are just displayed nicely. Plus pizza was ordered (who doesn't like pizza?) and cake to finish it off. Easy-peasy!

 For the entertainment we had a clown twisting balloons and it was great fun. I think only 2 kids were scared so its really not that bad! I went to party once when every child cried when they saw a clown and 45min later clown had to go as no one was enjoying the party!

The rest was relatively easy.  I came with the kids about 3h earlier as I like to be on time and hate to rush myself and stress for no reason. We managed to put everything together on time with few minor accidents one involving falling down the major part of the decoration and breaking in 3 pieces!! Super glue came to the rescue so I was happy we had those few spare minutes to make sure guests won't see it. 

We also decided on few really simple games to run as kids were small and didn't want to put them in a competitive situations. The choice was pass a parcel, musical chairs and musical statues. All was great fun and lots of giggles. 

And the last but not the least - the cake. Always the best moment of every party and something kids are waiting since the beginning. This time is was a chocolate cake with delicious cream frosting and everyone got a big fat piece! Happy Bday Mikael!  

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