Mirror drawing

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I just couldn't believe how much fun one can have by breaking all the rules! Parents always teach their kids not to draw on anything except paper and that was always a strict rule in my house (considering that we are living in hotel apartments!). You should see my kids faces when I brought those crayons home and told them they can draw whatever they want on a glass coffee table!

Thought it would be nice to introduce the same activity in our playgroup. Although I was a bit shy to offer it to kids as maybe not all the mums would appreciate "drawing on anything" lesson:) Anyway I tried first with one mum and then in no time everyone else joined! Kids absolutely loved it!

I used Eberhard Faber http://www.eberhardfaber.com/painting/products-painting products as they are reliable and high quality. I bought it in a local office supplies store (on Exhibition Road for those living in Bahrain) and they cost 1.900BD. They are called Gel Crayons and you can feel free to use them on any glass surfaces, dark backgrounds and smooth surfaces. Easily washable with a standard glass cleaner and a towel. 

Here are a few pics of the artwork we created today. Some of it was mums as initially we had to show kids how to do it - especially the little ones. Some of them thought better activity is to take the lid off and put it back on and off and on and off and on.........

Have fun!
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