Homemade DIY finger paint

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Our last finger paint cooked for messy play date was a total fiasco. I am not too sure if I overcooked it or put too much cornstarch (I was following Pinterest recipe) but it turned out to be a jelly so hard kids couldn't even play with it. This time I decided to skip cornstarch and simplified it a bit. Here is the easiest recipe on Earth!;))

Homemade DIY finger paint:
- 1 cup of all purpose flour
- 1 cup of water
- food coloring

All I did is put it in the pan and mixed it until it all incorporated and reached desired consistency. At this point I knew it can't be too hard and I need to leave it still running as if I store it until the next day it will thicken. I divided the mixture between containers and added some liquid food colorings. Voila!

It turned out to be the best homemade DIY finger paint ever! Although I could use some more food coloring next time to make colors more deep. Kids loved it but not all of them used their fingers to paint. That only shows me the importance of running these messy sessions to work on kids sensory skills which are so important.
I lied down big sheets of paper for kids to use their creativity. They could use fingers or brushes to create their masterpieces. I wish we could frame them after!

It's worth mentioning that this paint is fully edible and washes of any clothes. That's quiet important for mums as I saw few kids licking brushes and their fingers during a playtime:) Well this is how they learn so it's good to allow them explore on their own in a safe environment.

Just give it a try next time you plan a painting session and don't forget to let me know how it was. You can attach picture of your colorful homemade DIY finger paint and share your experiences with playing with it. Would love to hear your stories! Have fun!

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