Condensed milk painting

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I would never think I will be using milk to paint....seems a bit odd and weird idea, right? Well not if you will take condensed milk into consideration. The only risk you are taking is that once kids will lick their fingers they will immediately stop painting and start eating it!:)

What we did is used muffin baking tin to create different paint colors. It is really easy to wash in the dishwasher and makes good quantity for the kids to have fun for some time.Especially that I have 2 kids everything needs to be double:)

So I pour milk and let kids stir the colors with the toothpick. They could see how the color is done and that already fun for them. Once colors were mixed we took brushes and started our artwork. I used big roll of paper (got it from IKEA) so the paintings could be really over sized.
After they painted it we talked about it to let them express their imagination. My younger boy talked for about 10 min about things that only he could see on his picture. Fantastic!

 It amazes kids and opens their imagination as they can see something made out of nothing. They realize that way that anything is possible if you really want to and try new things. I love teaching them things which they can experience and something far out of ordinary stream.

I wouldn't probably recommend keeping that artwork for too long. It is milk at the end of the day and may just turn to something we wouldn't want to see hanging on our wall for too long:) I kept mine for 3 days and bin it after. 

Have fun and share your pictures!

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