3 Best Tips when flying with children

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I just completed my 4th trip from Middle East to Europe with two kids and no husband. Each of those trips were different and they are not really getting easier or more difficult. It does not depend on kids age at all! Small kids are sometimes much easier to handle than answering all the millions of questions from a 4 year old. I wouldn't really say that a night flight is better either as tired kids not being able to fall asleep properly are turning into very cranky kids. Anyway that is a great topic for another post. Today I would like to write about all those very important positives that we should be focusing on when preparing for a long distance trip with your kiddos. I've tested then and it looks like I know what I am talking about:) It is really not that bad overall!

1. Less is more....and much easier
All those toys, gadgets, details, Princess or Elsa water bottles, cuddly toys and pillows are just creating mess and chaos. Try to take as little as possible for few reasons. First is that you have less chance of loosing this favourite Winnie The Pooh who is absolutely irreplaceable and once gone will throw your kid on the floor screaming and kicking. Secondly de-clutter clears your mind and you can focus on finding the right gate at the airport and being on time instead of worrying if everything is taken and not left in the public bathroom. These days everything is available at the airport so even if your kids get hungry you can always get a nice treat at McDonalds or Donkin Doughnuts instead of dragging that yoghurt half the world. Take money in different currencies, credit card and have fun! Travelling should be a positive experience and fun activity and not a horror!

2. Be open and friendly
I am amazed how helpful people are during my journey. There is always someone to talk to and there is always someone offering me help. And I never say "no". Why? It is not easy to go down the stairs from the plane with two kids holding my hands and the hand luggage. And it never happen to me that I actually had to do it! There is always a helping hand around but you have to look open and try catching an eye contact with someone. It helps if you already made friends during a flight. Maybe another family that is travelling with daddy and one kid so they have spare hands? Perhaps a gentleman sitting behind you? We've met a really nice man this time who helped me to teach my daughter what to do if your ears get blocked during landing. Somehow she didn't believe me but listed to him! Maybe she needed to get a second opinion:) Also if there are other kids on the plane they may hit it off. Time flies when they play together and you can easily avoid moaning "when are we landing mummy?". Just stay open and try to reach out - it is worth it! 

3. Light at the end of a tunnel
Remember that every trip is starting at point A to point B. That means it all will be finished before you know it. Even if it is 16h flight from Saudi Arabia to LA it will eventually come to an end. So whatever bad happens - kids tantrums, annoying questions, throwing up or screaming - it will be over soon! So just count those minutes and you are getting closer to finishing line! The funny part is that you can't possibly loose your kids and they won't throw you out of a plane so what is the worst that can happen? Few angry looks from other passengers? Big deal! You can handle that! Chin up!

Bon voyage everyone and have a fabulous summer!
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