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So here we are talking about our home today. This is without a doubt the most common question regarding Sticky Fingers playgroup - so where are you located? Let me show you today and explain where, why and when did we choose Somerset Serviced Residence as our location.

As some of you may know we used to be located in Saar in the Bahrain Rugby Club. It was a small group of mums who lived locally and met twice a week to entertain themselves and their kids. When we learned one day that we have to move we started our search for new place and guess what - the first place I visited was Somerset Serviced Residence. And it turned out to be the best one! We were extremely lucky with our finding and finished our search there!

Located in the hear of Juffair residential area it is very convenient, secure and wonderful place to stay. They are offering 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with views to die for! Each of them with huge balcony/terrace for that extra space to barbecue! Apartment sizes vary from 95m up to 205m and come with fully equipped kitchen with all the appliances and WiFi. Open plan kitchens to the living rooms create that feeling of being home where everyone is being entertained in one big room. I personally love to be close to my kids while cooking and to see what they are up to!:) They are offering daily housekeeping services which is something absolutely the best! I will never get over my flat being cleaned in details EVERY DAY!

For some relaxation time Somerset is having a fabulous pool surrounded by greenery and that is priceless in Bahrain! There is also decent size jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and indoor children's playroom.

This is probably the best selling point of Somerset Residences Bahrain for me personally. The garden, palm trees, grass and overall gardening effort that goes with it! The gardener itself is a fantastic man and he is sometimes bringing small flowers for kids when we have a playgroup!

We were hosting a number of outdoor activity plays during cooler months and their garden is just perfect for that! Have a look yourself - I am using my own pics and not the ones that are professionally made using all the software possible to make it look appealing. This is a real story and a true experience!:)

There is fully equipped gym if you are feel like sweating and they are also offering Aikido lessons and Zumba classes for ladies.There is also small convenience store right in the lobby if you get a sweet tooth in the evening. The lounge is serving daily breakfast buffet with yummy made to order waffles!

And here are the apartments! Really good layout and modern decor. I specifically liked spacious kitchens and comfortable sitting areas. The rest is for you to judge:)

We are extremely happy with our place which is called Yoga Room. It is fully soft padded on the floor and with lots and lots of light. The best part are floor to ceiling mirrors on both walls - kids love to hop around and see each other reflection! Here are just a few pics which are not even fully showing the true beauty of that room! This room MUST be visited!

I can tell you that all the staff and management are extremely professional and courteous. They go that extra mile to ensure all is in perfect shape but on top of that they are involving themselves in number of activities that I am pretty sure you will not experience anywhere else. Just check out their Christmas tree lighting performance on YouTube! They also host residents cocktail receptions on regular basis and they grow their own organic tomatoes in the garden!

Now you know where we are, why we are here and that we love it!

If you wish to rent and apartment with Somerset Residences Bahrain visit their website or call directly to Sales Department at +973 1781 1889. Who knows maybe if you mention you are a Sticky Fingers fan they will give you a discount?

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