Sparkly sensory bottles

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So I am collecting all these milk bottles for no reason at all. I am just so used to sorting out the trash that I can't get over the fact that no one is doing it in Bahrain. So I am separating my plastic and glass, wash it and stick it in the cupboards. Then after I discover I had no use of it for the entire year I leave for my summer vacation and my husband clears the whole place up! This time I decided to be creative!

It is really an old idea but somehow never managed to complete this project with kids. We had loads of fun even though I had a feeling they may be a bit too old. I was wrong apparently! They both loved it and I really need to make another one now as I am sick of them fighting who will shake it now and who was first!!

All you need is a 1L plastic bottle, water, baby oil, glitter, colourful stones, marbles, cut up straws, googly eyes and food colouring. You may want to add anything else you have in the house - it is totally up to you. Go wild!

Once you gather all the materials recipe it easy - throw it all in the bottle (water first) and let them watch what happens. We had a chance to learn about floating and sinking, about heavy and light and what happens if you shake it. I guarantee you hours of fun!.
And then let your kids watch how the food coloring is going down! They were glued to this picture more than to Disney Junior!:) And they were asking some brilliant questions - how, why, what happens if?

These bottles will be available at our next session of Sticky Fingers! So much of Montessori inspired play! Yay! I will let your children shake it or break it:)

The most important tip is to Super Glue the cap. Its important - trust me!!:)

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