Summer is over :(

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So that is it. Its over. Before we know it - it is all finished. Was it really 2 months? Is it possible time passes so quickly? It scares me to be honest with you all. And it sucks. It sucks big time. Especially that we've made so many plans for the summer and didn't manage to tick them all off the list.

And we were busy! It is not that we sat in front of TV entire time and did nothing. We drove miles to run errands, we visited friends and family, we shopped, we did some things for the first time, we showed kids so much of our childhood and shared memories with them. I thought I will have all the time in the world to blog and nothing:( Days were passing one by one and we just talked and drank wine! First 3-4 weeks were completely taken by my son sickness and hospital stay. But that is a topic for another blog post. We've spend quality time with our families but it is all not enough. Many of my friends are shocked to hear that I am coming to Poland for 2 months. I am lucky to be a stay home mum at the moment and therefore I can afford 2 months holiday but it is an absolute eyebrow raiser for so many working mums who manage to squeeze 2 maybe 3 weeks tops with their kiddos. They think I have all this time in the world and still complaining it is not enough - am I crazy? No, I guess it is never enough just like with money. You can never have enough time spend with your loved ones. Plus all the exciting things to do in Poland and in Europe! Can't wait until June 2015!!!

It is back to school mood now - at least for me. I don't think kids are super excited yet as they got used to freedom of summer:) Plus the language....when I try speaking English for the past few days I hear - STOP IT!!! SPEAK NORMALLY! Well it is going to be "normally" from Monday onwards!:) Again it will take about 2 weeks to all come back to normal routine here. It is just so sad to leave family behind knowing that I will see them only after another 10 months. Expat life can be really lonely....Do you agree? On the other hand I just went to local shopping mall and spend 3 hours chatting to people as it seems that everyone I know in Bahrain were spending time at the same place! Well, don't blame us - it is still 43C outside!

Wish everyone great come back to your resident countries, schools, husbands, routines, etc. It is going to be a fabulous school year with so many adventures, performances, homeworks, tears over reading tasks, uniforms, lunch boxes headaches, etc. HAVE FUN!!!!
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