Discovering okra

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Okra was always a mystery for me - looked really appealing in the veggie section of the supermarket but somehow I never managed to find (or even start looking for:) a good recipe using it. And then just a few days ago my dear friend mentioned it during a random kids conversation and since I knew she is a cooking freak I asked her for the recipe. Believe me or not but that was the most simple recipe to follow, took me about half an hour to cook and about 3 min to lick my plate!
All the pictures on this blog are mine and real so you can see how colourful my pot was! I think it was calling my name to eat it:)

Here it is:

- one big onion - I used red one
- oil for frying
- 6 cloves of garlic
- one whole bunch of fresh coriander
- 500g fresh tomatoes
- 1 glass of water
- salt and pepper
- lemon juice

Heat some oil in a pan and throw diced onion (one big - I am using red onion usually for more flavour) and heat on medium until tender. Then throw chopped bunch of fresh coriander with 5 cloves of minced garlic (I used ready garlic and ginger paste cause I am lazy). Then add okra (I used frozen about 1/3 of a packet) and stir on medium heat for about 10min.
Add 500g of chopped tomatoes (fresh are the best here) and 1 cup of water. 1 teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of pepper to taste, cover and shimmer for about half an hour. I throw some cut chicken breast at the end even though the original recipe called for beef cubes. At the end add about 5 teaspoons of lemon juice to finish it off and voilà! You got yourself a tasty healthy lunch!
Serve with rice and really however you want. My husband had it with bread and I had to add potatoes as usual:)

This is really good and kids friendly recipe as it uses all fresh ingredients without any disturbing spices. Flavour comes natural here and once introduced to kids early they will subconsciously choose this over oily and heavy fast food dishes.

Without a doubt this is my very first Lebanese dish and success already! Thanks Celine for sharing this recipe with me. Looking forward to many more!

Have fun and remember - every recipe is better if you twist it your way!

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