Toddler Christmas Wreath

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In a search for an easy craft that most of our playgroup attendees can complete I came across this idea somewhere on Pinterest. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare and it will keep kiddos occupied for at least 15minutes. Its pretty self explanatory and easy to make by just looking at the picture.

All you need is:

- paper plate any size you want,
- pencil,
- glue stick,
- scissors,
- clear tape,
- red and white ribbon,
- glittery paper in green and red colour.

How to make it: Flatten the paper plate and trace a large circle inside the ridged edge. Cut out the circle with scissors or paper knife. Decorate with cut out pieces of glitter paper according to your creativity. Let the kids do what they want - it does not have to be perfect! Make a small bow with the red ribbon and glue it on top of the circle. Cut out short string of white ribbon and tape the ends on the back of the plate on top behind the bow to create a hanger.
You can use it on your front door or in kids bedroom.

Remember to let the kids decorate however they want. They may have way better ideas like drawing on it instead or glue anything really - buttons, pom-poms, stickers - sky is the limit!! Kids have wonderful imaginations that may teach us so much so sometimes its worth more to follow them instead guiding them to do things certain way. And they are usually so proud of their work afterwards!

If you have some great and tested toddler craft ideas to share please do and we will try to make them on our playgroup. We can then display our work on the blog or our FB page and tag you! Sounds like fun?

Merry Christmas!
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