First face painting at Bday Party

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Last week my son experienced his first face painting ever at a friend's Bday party. He is almost 4 years old so some may think its late but I have some mixed feelings. My daughter had her face painted for party at about 3,5 years old and also she was not that interested at first. I think it had something to do with invading her personal space and touching her by a complete stranger. When you really think about it it is weird for a young child to have all that funny make up done  and where is the fun if they can't even see it! Anyway its all very personal and subject to professional face painter as some of them are using such an old materials that it should be banner, quickly recognized and stopped. My daughters first face painting gave her some serious rash for 3 days! I had no idea that I should check the cosmetics myself and react properly. We all learn on our mistakes!

Its really popular in Bahrain to hire face painter for a kids Bday party and it costs around 35BD to have dedicated person doing it to all the kids and even adults if they want to. Some of mums are choosing the same pattern as the child to encourage them and take memorable pics. It gives kids great warm up at any party and eases them to the next part which is usually games. Children can choose their favourite character or theme from a book and good talented face painter should be able to draw pretty much anything. Small kids are getting hand painting if they don't feel comfortable with real face painting.

So it all looks great on birthday party photos and kids can have fun role playing  but is it really all that safe on young skin? And for girls it must be an early introduction to make up which can only result in your daughters going through your make up bags the very next day!

Share your thoughts on face painting and your experiences. We all agree its fun and looks pretty but if its done on a weekly basis is it still so special?
Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
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