Awesome Pirate Birthday Party with FREE Printables

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My son was really into Pirates around 4 years of age so his birthday party theme was easy to choose.
I think it was mainly school influence as they were playing Pirates in the class and read books related to this subject. His class must be mainly boys as I can't remember my daughter ever learning about Pirates in school. It was ALWAYS princesses!

I was fortunate enough that my mum was visiting us for a Christmas and my son birthday is shortly after so I could count on lots of mummy help:) Honestly I would not be able to pull this birthday off if it wouldn't be for her. She practically did everything and I was just shooting ideas. Well we baked and decorated the cake together but apart from that she did all the cooking. My part was decoration!

Basically what I started with was designing an invitation. I wanted something unique that no one ever had so I opted for doing it myself. I learned a whole lot about how to do it (I am no graphic designer!) and decided to give it a try. You can find all the FREE Printables I used at the bottom of this post so you can simply print it off at home. I used my favorite PicMonkey to do this and I have to admit I was pretty proud of the outcome. It was actually easier than I thought however pretty time consuming. And the design is just the first step - now you need to find a proper professional shop to print it on the card stock - that way your invitations will look awesome! I think they turned out gorgeous - don't you think?

Once we had the invites out and numbers pretty much confirmed I started to work on the room decoration. We used the Somerset Hotel in Juffair as this is our favorite spot for kids activities:) I had a vision and just need to work on the details.
Small backdrop was really easy, cheap and took about 10 min to do. I just bought a big sheet of black thick paper, cut out my son's name letters and big number 4. Plus few free Pirate print outs to decorate. The big numbers 4 on the side are cut out from the foam sheet which I got in a local stationary store and I didn't even use stencils - just draw number 4 with a pencil and cut it out.
The bunting is also very simple as it's just a double black triangles glued to each other with a Pirate sign on it. I also have one black pom pom because.... I made one and I was just lazy to make more:((

The great part of our decorations were DIY Pirate binoculars. We connected 2 toilet paper tubes with a masking tape and painted them black. Then we stick some Pirate signs on them and finished with some gold paper endings. Simple! Kids could use them later for our Pirate Treasure Hunt activity!

Our goody bags were Pirate pouches with golden coins and skeletons inside. I found them really cheap in the local discount center and then just printed Thank You notes, laminated them and punch holed to attach on the pouch. I created them myself in Picmonkey - here is the link to FREE printable together with a sign - Get Your Loot Here.

Since my mum was in charge of the food you can tell it was quite amazing. She did those little skewers which took a long time to prepare but it looked awesome! We used a styropian board to stick them in as this is the only thing we could think of:)

We had pretty simple nibbles like bread sticks, small pizzas and samosas, hummus, chips and popcorn and juice boxes. We used mainly gold plates plus anything we could find around the house. I tried not to buy so much as I knew it will be one time use only. We even had a Christmas jingle bells lying around for decoration!

And our great photo booth! Kids loved it! Everyone HAD to take photo there! Ahoy!

As far as entertainment was concerned I had a fitness guy coming up with a range of physical activities for kids around this age. He has kids gym equipment with him and was entertaining guests with jumping, planks, running and balancing! They were all happy to participate and all really involved!
If you wish to hire them for your party look up Baby Clay here to make your inquiry.

Then we ordered pizza for everyone as kids got hungry after all the activities. Pizza is always the best choice at Bday parties as its good for kids and adults - who doesn't like pizza, right?

After we got full we had one more activity - a Pirate Treasure Hunt! We've opened our big chest and we found treasure maps in there....we gathered all the kids and started to follow the red line....everyone was excited to be looking for treasures!

The treasures were hidden all over the garden and we really needed to focus to be able to spot them. 

They were black balloons with golden coins hidden....inside! We once we found it we also had to burst the balloon to get our golden treasure!

There was also some jewellery hidden in a sand pit! Can you believe it?!?

We finished off with a Pirate pinata! Great Mexican tradition in Bahrain!:)

Some lovely kids offered to help with a clean up! Woohooo! He is invited for next year party too!:)

At last we get to sing Happy Birthday and cut that gorgeous cake!

Birthday boy went upside down in a sign of a total happiness! It was a fabulous day thanks to all our dear friends. Can't believe my little son is already 4 but I guess every mother says that at every Bday.... Its true though - time is running way too fast for my liking but I hope these memories will stay with us forever.

Happy Birthday my LOVE! xx

Here are all the FREE printables that I used to create this party. Some of them I created myself and some of them I found online. Hope that will make your party planning much easier.
If you wish to create some custom made printable for your party please contact me via this site or email on

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