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We are happy to announce new activity at Sticky Fingers - Mini Me Yoga. We just run our first session this week and it was a great success. I would love to share with you my experience so far as Mini Me Yoga Ambassador and explain all the wonderful benefits of that program for you and your child.

I was looking to expand for quite a while and searching for a suitable activity that I truly believe in. When I came across Mini Me Yoga program I was pretty sure this is what I was looking for. On top of that when I tested it on my daughter and son (age 5 and almost 4) their reaction confirmed my feelings. They were sold on Yoga and now demanding (especially my daughter) that we do this every day. I had a goal then and needed to get my knowledge.

I decided on Mini Me Yoga Ambassador program as I thought that once I will get my confidence in teaching kids I might take an opportunity to teach 2h Workshop for grown ups. During the training I've met some great people who inspired me and stay in touch in case I have any questions or if I need reassurance. It one of the best parts of Mini Me Yoga - being a part of a community.
Have a look at our fun program and happy, focused kids!

No some details about the program and how it all started. Since launching into the global market in November 2013, Mini Me Yoga has grown from 1 to 19 countries. It has been an amazing journey. The founder of Mini Me Yoga Kate Bartram - Brown said 'I couldn’t have conceived how powerfully the message we were delivering would be received and so quickly. It’s been truly extraordinary. Here’s why.

Mini Me Yoga empowers parents, teachers and other childcare's how to bring 15 minutes of Yoga, positive thinking & mindfulness into a child’s life. This is taught through a 2 hour interactive, stimulating and fun workshop.

She created this programme when she was living in Bahrain 6 years ago. As a kids yoga teacher, Kate found that simple techniques helped children through stressful and volatile times. As the situation became untenable, her husband and Kate made the decision to leave. It was at that time, she decided to launch the workshop in the USA and UK with other countries organically following. The workshops are taught by Mini Me Yoga ambassadors of which there are around 90, and counting!

Mini Me Yoga program was successfully brought into schools, playgroups, community centers, groups of mummies and individuals. However Kate soon realized that it wasn’t always easy for people to access a workshop, so she wanted to bring the workshop to them. Henceforth the book was born!

The book is the tool that enables to share these invaluable techniques to a much wider audience.
Since Kate and her husband are now based mainly in London, and is now their home, it is the perfect place to launch the book.

At the launch,  there will be a prestigious guest speaker, Matt Thornton, Director of the Emoto Peace Project UK which is testament to his belief to their unique project. Dr Emoto world renown water researcher and New York Times Best Selling author of “The Messages from Water” “The Hidden Messages in Water”, “The Shape of Love”, “The True Power of Water” and “Love Thyself” passed away last year but his work around the world bringing peace through water, lives on through his dedicated team, of which Matt heads up in the UK. . Kate is most excited to be welcoming him to this event.

Mini Me Yoga ethos is very much to have fun by bringing people together by celebrating our new and innovative ways of educating children to become happy individuals as they develop through life… and all that they may bring. To place this book in a more familiar literary genre, I guess you could say it’s a ‘self- help’ book for families. But don’t take my word for it, try it!
The book is available on Amazon.

Also if you wish to follow all our news make sure to "Like" our FB page at Twisted Mini Me Yoga. I will be keeping you updated on all the Workshops coming and all the news we may have. Hope you will enjoy this as much as we do!

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