Halloween Fun 2014

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It was the first Halloween in our life that we enjoyed. Since its not really our tradition in Poland we never got to experience all the kids fun, dressing up and being silly. Its a very serious day for us in our culture so turning it into lots of giggles and candy seemed a bit weird. However since there is no way to escape it here we are in the game and I have to admit my kids LOVE IT! Even myself got used to it already and have a great time looking at the decorations and getting candy from strangers:)

Its our annual Halloween Party at Sticky Fingers and it is always packed with scary pumpkins holding baskets and looking for a trick-or-treat. I was trying this year to introduce something new and decided on the photo-booth. And it was a hit!! Great activity and all felt like movie stars!) There was an option to just look at the picture on the website or get a print out for a charge. It served as a great souvenir from the party and memorable gift from the playgroup.

I am attaching plenty of pics as they are all gorgeous. This year costumes were unbelievable and some mums were actually hard to recognize:) Have a look at yourself!

These were our giveaway bags - each child received at the end of the party. It is always nice to get gifts!

Isn't Ditta creative? Being about 36 weeks pregnant this costume was super cute, simple and comfy!

Our photo booth activity! Some thought we are going to be live on TV!:))))

Who is that blonde?:)))

One of our activities was pumpkin hunt in the garden. Kids love it! I had those small plastic pumpkins hidden all over the garden with some small candy inside. Everyone was a winner!

 Beautiful Bat girl Quinn!

And we had a surprise visit! Our Zombie! First when I saw him I thought "OMG! This is going to be a disaster! Kids will get scared, scream and run away!". I was sooo wrong....they all loved him! And couldn't have enough pics taken with him!:)

Overall it was a great morning full of activities and excitement. I have to say Halloween becomes now one of our best times of the year!
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