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First attempt to blog...well let's see how this will go. The only problem I can foresee is lack of time as with 2 kids, household, husband working crazy hours and my own playgroup time is something I really do not have. Anyway I will do my best to keep this hobby and I will make time if I have to:)

This blog will be mainly used to share with all Sticky Fingers life - our stories, pics, ideas, fun that we have, what we learn and how we grow within time. I run this lovely playgroup for over a year now and have to admit I love it more and more. Can't imagine not doing this anymore. All those kids that visited us at least once leave a memory behind and they are all unique. Our moms love to chat over cup of coffee/tea and my own simple bakery items watching their kids play happily in safe environment with other kids their own age. We are all expats here in Bahrain which makes our group very international - England, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Peru, Scotland, Ireland, Jordan, Egypt and that is just a few countries that our kids are coming from. We share traditions, Bdays and ideas to have fun. Watch this space! There is lots of fun here!:)

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