Olympic Games

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So this time I decided to host an Olympic Games @ Sticky Fingers. Kids need lots of physical activities plus we had a mid term break so I was guessing some of the older siblings will join us. I was right! We had a nice crowd and about half of them actively participated in our games.

We prepared medals in advance and my daughter helped me to decorate them. There are millions of ways to make paper medals but we went for a puff paint numbers. It was also our first time to play with puff paint so we couldn't resist to create some more fabulous artwork with it! We didn't wait for all the games to finish to give kids medals (they really expect something any time they finish their race!). We were choosing the winner every time and they got their prizes straight away. That way they were more eager to participate in the next competition.

We have started with basketball game. Little ones needed just a little bit of explanation but actually showing them worked the best. It was just like tidy up after a play which we practice every time at the end of our playgroup. Moms were cheering really well so kids were encouraged to shoot some more!
Important thing to mention is I guess that kids really didn't follow exact directions and that was fine. They didn't shoot from the distance but were walking close to the bin and just dropping the ball. It doesn't really matter as long as the main rule is - ball in the bin:)
Another competition that we had was taken from Halloween Party ideas on Pinterest - sticky tape spider web. Then we made a newspaper balls and were throwing them as they suppose to stick to it. Unfortunately the tape I used was not sticky enough and didn't hold our balls...:( Competition was quickly adapted to that and the winner was whoever shoot through the hole in between spider web:) Fun anyways!
Then we had all kinds of running competitions like just simple :
running backwards,
running with a feather in between your feet fingers,
running slalom with plastic chairs,
running with an egg on a spoon.
These were the most fun and it didn't really matter if they finished the race or not. Moms were cheering, helping to run and basically boosting their self confidence making sure that everyone is a winner.

 Plastic milk bottles bowling was a hit as well. Seems it really isn't so easy but great for eye-hand coordination. Plus we had loads of fun messing with those bottles after all the competitions finished!

Also worth to mention balloon badminton - easy and fun. You can also make it with a paper plate and a stick. Balloons are always a hit!
Great idea for rainy days or in our case for super hot days:) If you have any other games/sports ideas for 0-4 years olds please share and we will definitely try them next time. 

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