Birthday cake

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I disappeared for a month but you wouldn't believe what a month it was!  Crazy busy with school end, packing for holidays, car accident and Maja Birthday party. So much to do that I had to cut down on internet use to save some time. Anyway I wanted to share with you today the birthday cake I created for my daughter. I am simply proud of myself as it is second cake I baked in my life and I think it came out quite nice. It took me a while to decide what to bake and where to find easy enough recipe to follow. I have to say that my daughter unfortunately didn't help much as she was changing her mind as far as design is concerned every 10 minutes so we went from Mickey Mouse cake to Princess cake and something called Magic Cake ??? and ended up as Hello Kitty. I just took charge and baked what I can instead of looking for a recipe for a Sparkly Cake!?! Sometime we mothers have to put our foot down!:) Do you like our end result?

I tried traditional polish recipe before and wanted to try something different this time. Chocolate was our choice and I knew I have to add mascarpone... I found a base recipe in here This is my absolutely favourite blog and I bake their things all the time. It was super easy and quick. I baked two cakes and cut them both in half to add the filling. That was already super yummy cake but for Bday Party needed some more decoration. And that was the biggest problem. I really wanted to try decorating with fondant but just wasn't too sure if I can pull this off as a beginner...:( Decided to try anyway and managed to finish quite nicely. I used recipe from here Fondant. Not perfect but good enough for the first time! Maja was super happy and the whole family couldn't believe it was mine!:)

Do you want a piece?

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