Easy Snowman Craft

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So it is Christmas time again! Can't wait to drag those decorations out of my storage and start preparing the house to welcome Santa. Kids are growing and are super excited and happy to help out put the tree up and decorate it with their own stuff. It is actually getting more and more emotional for me as this special time of the year is just bringing tears in my eyes....or I am just getting old I guess!:)

We had some wall space next to the tree this year that seemed empty and needed something. I knew it is going to be a Snoman but wasn't sure if I want to buy something. Then kids got sick and we had all this time to kill. So we've decided to make our own Snowman!

It is really self explanatory and takes about 10 minutes to complete. All you need it:

  • paper plates
  • colorful paper - black for hat and red for scarf and orange for nose
  • googly eyes
  • marker
  • stapler, siccors and some glitter paper for buttons. 
Just staple paper plates together and decorate it accordingly. It was huge fun for my daughter to complete this simple project all by herself (she is 4,5 years old). The best part was to practice letters while I was writing on the Snowman - she could recognize them all and we tried reading it together.

Have fun with this simple project!
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