Simple Christmas Tree Craft

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When kids are sick and you are out of cartoon DVD's you get creative. Since both of my kids are in pre-school they enjoy crafts and generally enjoy spending time at our big table gluing stuff together. This time I decided to come up with something really easy as Maks was usually struggling before with our girly projects and I really wanted him to do something completely on his own.

All you need here is paper in 3 different colors, scissors, glue and some glitter for decoration or anything else you have at home craft box to put on your tree. You need to cut out a few strips of paper different sizes and let your child organize it from the longest to the shortest one. Then glue it on in the right order and decorate as you wish. Voila!

This craft is teaching toddlers two very important things - following a line with scissors to cut straight strips and organizing things in the size order. They were totally able to complete the task without my help which really boosted their self confidence  and made them feel so much better despite of the terrible flu!

We put it on the wall at my kids eye level and they are now practicing counting with the tree layers and of course trying to scratch the glitter with their nails...

Really fun and pretty Christmas activity - don't you think?
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