Pomodorini - restaurant review

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Our new Al Raya Mall in Juffair is getting bigger and better every week. I was waiting for grand opening for about 2 years and now can't imagine how could I live without it. It was much awaited by all the Juffair residents and I think that we are all super happy about having it within reach and walking distance.

First it was pretty much only Al Osra option (wohooo) but now all the restaurants are opening up giving us a chance for a quick lunch without trip to Seef area. We've tried already burger place and now it was time for Italian! Pomodorini it is!

First thing that strikes you when you walk in is how narrow the place it. They have just a few tables downstairs and a cash counter. There is also first floor where you can get by climbing pretty dangerous twisted stairs. It is pretty difficult to manage two kids up those steps but we did it somehow. It is way more spacious with comfy booths and good light.

Staff is very friendly and accommodating. There is always a manager or supervisor on duty and he is actively involved with customers. They even tried playing with my kids and I must admit they were pretty gentle and not creepy if you know what I mean! Once they saw my kids not really enjoying small talk with them they back out gracefully. My kids by no means were rude - we just went there straight after school and they were exhausted, sleepy and very, very hungry.

We looked at the menu and set on mozzarella pizza, mushroom pizza and chicken sandwich. Pizza's are all in one size (like the one on the picture) and they are enough for my kids to share. Margarita pizza was a bit too greasy for my liking but daughter loved it. Mushrooms on the other one were fresh and smelled wonderful straight from the over and pizza crust is rather thin.
The interesting thing was my sandwich as it was made out of pizza dough. Delicious slices of juicy chicken, tomato, lettuce, mayo and avocado all together with French fries were really yummy and wouldn't hesitate to re-order:)

It was all very fresh and tasty served quickly and with a smile. On top of that it will not break your bank as pizza cost 2BD and 2.5BD and a chicken sandwich was 3.5BD. The only negative side of the restaurant is definitely lack of bathroom/toilet to refresh or wash your hands before meal (bathrooms are available in the mall but its rather far to walk with two kids) and the stairs leading you up to the first floor. I have also left a comment with a management that it would be great to have small colouring pages and crayons to keep kids occupied while waiting and maybe box juices instead of freshly squeezed one which were very sour. But it was just a comment as overall we liked our experience in Pomodorini very much and will definitely become regular customers!

It is important to mention that they also deliver free of charge however I didn't check in which areas of Bahrain as I am sure they have some restrictions. You can order online through Talabat.com which is super convenient.

If you wish to share your opinion or add something up please comment below. Make sure to let us know about other dishes from the menu and we would love to hear all your experiences.

Bon apetit!
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