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This time I have 2 classes to say "goodbye" to. It is somehow a tradition here in Bahrain (although not all the parents are participating of course) to distribute small gifts of appreciation to the teachers as well as small treats for class mates. Teachers are different every year (in Poland there is only one teacher throughout the kindergarten) so it is understandable that we as parents want to specially thank them for helping our child achieve their milestones. I think it is cute and it also teaches our kids to appreciate others hard work.

We have decided to make something small and cute for the kids. Since I had 40 small gifts to prepare I could only decorate something I bought. In that case my daughters class got M&M's and my son class got Maltesers. I know I know chocolate for kiddos is probably not the healthiest idea but it is end of the school year and they deserve a treat! Right?

I have found fantastic printables on Total Tippins Takeover. The job was simple - print them on colour printer, cut, make a hole with a hole punch and run a thin ribbon for decoration. It looked really nice in a basket when we took it to school. Both of my kids were supper proud to distribute them around the classroom. They got all the "thank you" and even hugs from some of their best friends!

For the teachers we also decided on chocolates and bought huge 5-pack of Toblerone for each teacher! I bought all the wrapping materials in the local store called Al Anwar Discount Center in Tubli. It looked sweet, didn't it?

I was particularly happy that both of my kids participated in the whole process and it made them really happy to prepare, decorate and then give all those presents to kids and teachers. They both can be a bit shy sometimes and it was a great opportunity to break that and show them that giving is such a pleasure.
I am sure they will both miss all their friends over the summer...:( It was a great year! Thank you all for making it super fun!

Now you can download FREE Printable by clicking on the below link! Enjoy!
Sweet Summer FREE Printable
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