Annual Sticky Fingers Christmas Party 2014

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Our Christmas Parties are always the most important event of the year. Everyone feels the special atmosphere and families are looking for events to entertain kids in the festive season and.......SEE SANTA! This is what Christmas for kids is all about so we made sure our Santa is notified that there is one more party to attend - at Sticky Fingers where 30 kids were waiting patiently to meet him.

This Christmas Party was the busiest ever which can only mean that we are getting more popular year on year and leaving our mark in Bahrain! It is also getting easier for me to organize as I have the experience now and all mu check lists from previous years:) Cheeky monkey!

First we decorated our Christmas Tree during one of the playgroups a week before. All the mums and kids were involved and it put us in a good and festive mood. Tots really enjoyed picking out decorations from the big bag and hanging them on the tree. It was beautiful to see that team work and excitement in their eyes! Precious.

For the event itself I planned this year a photo booth with special Christmas design, piñata fun, goodie table which considered all the international dishes our lovely mums cooked for that special occasion and shared with others. We also invited gorgeous Anna from Body Care Bahrain to prepare a stall with all her natural oils for mums and kids for skin, hair, eyelashes, to sleep better, for teething - you name it - so we can all do some Christmas shopping on the spot:) We also had all our regular activities like painting, play dough, dress ups, toys, etc. We just skipped circle time at the end as all were scattered around the garden and it was really hard to gather everyone in one spot. Ah yes - we set up all in the garden area as weather in Bahrain is just too gorgeous to miss it these days!

Have a look at all our pics and image how much fun we all had. Mums are welcome to put their comments here and make it interactive post! The funniest comment wins a prize!!
Yalla all!

Last picture is me and my lovely newly appointed assistant ripping Santa's belly more to check if there are any more candy left for mums....unfortunately kids were super fast and very thorough in cleaning the place up!:)

I have to admit this was the best party ever and I enjoyed it to the max! Even though it was my first Sticky Fingers party without my own kids....:(

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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