Year End Messy Playdate

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Today's playgroup was meant to be cancelled as I thought no one will be interested to come on the 31st of December early morning to entertain their little ones. But then I realized so many mums are actually not going out tonight so it really is like a standard day for all of us. Why not close 2014 in style then? Make lots of mess and enter the New Year more experienced!

Having an experience already with messy playdates I changed the venue this time (which was a bad idea). It was all due to the weather conditions as garden was pretty windy so we stayed upstairs.

Our messy stations included:
1. Rainbow spaghetti
2. Mud/total experiment
3. Marbles and colourful stones
4. Sand box
5. Water bin
6. Big painting project
7. Water sprays

Rainbow spaghetti is quick and easy. All you need is lightly boiled noodles, food colouring and dash of oil.

Our total experiment station was the biggest hit! Started with just a plain flour and I added some oil. Kids were already amazed! Gave them few minutes with that and I added some water. They started giggling! I put some food colouring but it completely didn't work. It just didn't mix:( Anyway I was looking to add some colour to it so I sprinkled used ground coffee all over it! That was turning to be really great! And I added some more water and we had an awesome mud/slime/moulding something - bottom line kids loved it!

Marbles and stones were in the plastic bowl together with a plastic cup and a small spoon. It was an activity teaching kids to focus and to put small objects inside the cup using a spoon. Of course you need to supervise little kids so they won't swallow anything.

Sand box is simple and kids creativity always amazes me!

Water bin was mainly used to wash kids hands so after 10 minutes it was all muddy and dirty but still enjoyable.

Then number of water sprays for a water fight. Funny enough that it was mummies who actually invented water fights and kids were only looking at us shooting with surprised faces thinking - "are we allowed to do that?!?". Hahahaha!

Our big boxes canvas was very busy and those kids who didn't manage to scoop a brush on time decided to do some finger painting! Brilliant!

Some kids decided to have lunch and eat coloured noodles:) Well I guess it is all food at the end of the day and food colouring is meant to be eaten, right? Hahahaha....

We had a fantastic day out and will definitely repeat that soon if not on a weekly basis until the weather becomes hot and sticky again. We will be soon closed indoors for a looong time so let's use every single fresh breeze we can find now and boost ourselves with Vit D!

You can find more messy play ideas on various blogs and my favourite include Learn Play Imagine or Megan Sheakoski and her Coffe Cups and Crayons.

See you next week girls!

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