Sticky Fingers Mess

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And we are back with our favourite outdoor type of fun - MESS!!! Today we had a bunch of kids and happy mums over in the garden to get dirty! We were using all the sensory fun that was easy enough to set up and although all the little pieces are lost somewhere in the grass it was all worth it!

We had a few stations set up for the crowd to spread and that everyone can find their favourite thing to play with. I had to admit that the shaving cream and coffee was a big hit! We went from shaving cream in a separate bowl and coffee is a little box to cook something that my daughter called a chocolate soup with pink stones as sprinkles, water and little bit of grass as a garnish! Fantastic creativity!

We had bowls with little stones and marbles and another bowl of rice. All was suppose to be a sensory fun but it all ended up either in a chocolate soup or they were painting with it or on it....not quite sure but made them all super happy!

Painting on big surface was popular as well. We painted with big and small brushes as well as we did some sponge painting. Then kids wanted to mix some paint to see what colour comes out and that was really impressive!

And what can I say about simple bucket of! It was used for so many things that I could write a book if I wanted to list them all! Splashing, stirring, washing hands, washing brushes, throwing stones inside and seeing them disappear in a dirty already name it!

Sand box is something that not everyone can actually enjoy on a daily basis (surprise surprise since Bahrain is literally a sand pit itself!) this station was quite busy. Lucky for me kids didn't turn it in a mash or some kind of soup so we can still use the same sand next time!

And last but not least we had some colourful noodles but I have to say spaghetti shape is much more fun for time we are planning spaghetti painting!
Watch this blog! More fun is coming!
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